We help brands to grow


Our upstream brands come from all over the world, which provides us with unique resources and opportunities to operate businesses in many countries. Exporting high quality of products from Europe to Asia is one of our core businesses, so as to satisfy the needs of our customers and buyers.


We Build Trust


We will start by researching the market, comparing the features, prices and popularity of products from different brands, and developing the most accurate distribution strategy. Clients will have the opportunities to understand these brands and products better with our help, source high quality goods with the most favourable conditions and price. This is how we develop sustainable relationships with our partners.



We Listen To You


We promise security and high-efficiency of our warehouse and logistics. We provide multiple personalized services for our clients. We can pack all the commodities and delivery them to the destination or keep them in our client’s own warehouse or we keep commodities in the ship and waiting for clients to collect.